Nemea Wine Tasting

The absolute wine tasting tour

Have you named the glass you pour your wine into when home alone? Is your perfect dinner out a bottle of wine and maybe a small bite to pair it with? This Nemea wine tasting tour is tailor-made for you. In this ancient fertile land, some of the best grapes in the world grow and when ripe turned into the nectar of the gods. If you want a wine tasting worthy of your sophisticated palette, it is time you take it.




Nemea was a religious sanctuary in the northern Peloponnese of Greece where the Panhellenic Games were held every two years from 573 BC until 271 BC, after which this sports contest was finally moved to Argos. The area has been inhabited since Early Neolithic times (6000 to 5000 BC) and was settled throughout the Bronze Age with architectural remains, in particular rock-cut tombs, dating from the mid-16th century BC to the 12th century BC, in the time of the Mycenaean civilization.




Nafplio is a charming city perfectly situated on a cape overlooking the Argolic Gulf. It was the first capital of modern Greece after the Greek Revolution against the Turkish occupation. According to mythology, the town was founded by Nafplios, the son of the god Poseidon, and Amymone, the daughter of Danaus. Frankish, Venetian and Turkish conquerors have left their mark on the town, strongly influencing its culture, architecture and traditions over the centuries. The Palamidi Castle stands proudly overlooking the town, 216 metres above sea level. In order to reach it you have to climb 999 steps carved into the rock. It is worth the effort, as the view from there is totally rewarding! After enjoying the magnificent landscape, venture into the castle, a place drenched in history, where the famous hero of the Greek Revolution, Theodore Kolokotronis, was imprisoned.




Nemea is an area full of amazing wineries but two of them stand out for their long history in wine making and the global standards of quality they meet with their products. Palivos Winery and Bairaktaris Winery are definitely the places to visit when in Nemea and our tour will take you to both to get an in depth look at how your favorite alcoholic drink is produced. Drink the nectar of the gods.

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Tour Preparation

No need to spend time planning anything or stressing about your trip. You should only get prepared physically and mentally. So before any other preparation, it is extremely important to pack and put on your biggest smile, and then start to choose the perfect outfits to slay with your fabulous, vacation looks. Take the most comfortable clothes and shoes. Sun is super bright and always shining in Greece, so do not forget your sunscreen, your hat and your shades under any circumstances. Avoid high heels. They work great when you vogue and pose and catwalk but can be a drag when you have to climb all those stairs to reach Palamidi fort. The view is totally worth it. Trust us.

  • Remember your sunscreen
  • Do not forget your hat
  • Choose comfortable shoes
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