Sounio Sunset Tour

The perfect sunset tour

Is your instagram page the ultimate destination for #sunsetporn photos? Are you a hopeless romantic who always dreams of finding the perfect sunset to experience with your partner or by yourself? The Temple of Poseidon at Sounio might be one of the best places in the world for you. Situated by the sea this ancient temple is magical at the golden hour. Choose this Sounio sunset tour because it combines a unique experience of the Athens Riviera ending in a beautiful view of the sunset and dinner by the sea in the evening.




Athens Riviera

Athens Riviera

Are you a fan of Californian cool and don’t want to spend any more days away from the sea? This tour is short in time but huge in giving you what you are thirsty for. Take a long ride along the Athenian coastline and check out all the sandy and rocky beaches that can be found only in the Greek islands.Make a quick stop to take a photo that will make all your friends who skipped joining you on your Greek adventure go green with envy.


Cape Sounio-Temple of Poseidon

Cape Sounio-Temple of Poseidon

At Cape Sounio, the great temple of the sea god, Poseidon, has stood since the dawn of Greek civilization. The only Doric temple to have been preserved until this very day is located at a height of 73 meters above sea level. In the surrounding spaces of the sanctuary, temples dedicated to several gods, statues and altars create a unique scene. One of the most iconic statues among them is the “Sounion Kouros” (Kouros – young man), which is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum.


Dinner by the waves

Dinner by the waves

Do you want to taste what the mediterranean diet is all about? A meal in a restaurant by the sea will surely make you spend an evening feeling like you star in a movie. Broaden your taste palette with some delicacies of Greek cuisine and redefine your idea of fresh, home cooked meals. From high gastronomy places to small, family owned tavernas, all options are available when it comes to choosing where you will grab a bite.

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Tour Preparation

No need to spend time planning anything or stressing about your trip. You should only get prepared physically and mentally. So before any other preparation, it is extremely important to pack and put on your biggest smile, and then start to choose the perfect outfits to slay with your fabulous, vacation looks. Take the most comfortable clothes and shoes. Sun is super bright and always shining in Greece (even in the afternoon), so do not forget your sunscreen, your hat and your shades under any circumstances. When gazing from the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounio, an accessory that could come in handy is a pair of sunglasses. A light jacket is also essential for those who feel a bit chilly when the sun goes down.

  • Remember your shades
  • Remember your sunscreen
  • Choose comfortable shoes
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