We are Enjoyagers

All of us here at Enjoyagers have been working in the tourism industry for years and are all avid travelers. We grew up among a diverse group of people and have shared some of our best experiences in life and travels with our LGBTQI+ friends and allies. When the time came to give back to the community we treasure and honor so much, we decided to channel our life long experience in tourism into the creation of a travel agency for LGBTQI+ people, their allies — and in fact everyone who is willing to experience Greece with an open mind like never before. And then there were Enjoyagers.

Meet the Team

Enjoyagers are a group of open-minded young people who want LGBTQI+ and all progressives who travel to experience Greece as the locals do. Our team is composed of enthusiastic professionals with a positive attitude to life and a sense of humor, all of whom share a unique vision for travelers of all ages, shapes, sizes, nationalities, genders, sexual expressions and orientations. We are urban and outdoor explorers and local connoisseurs. We will be completely at your disposal to answer all your questions and ensure your every need is met. We aim to make your expectations about your vacation come to life, in a way only a local friend can do. Respect, excitement, adventure, uniqueness, luxury are just a few of the words associated with our travel agency.

  • Vasilis Kokotos, Enjoyagers Team

    Vasilis Kokotos


    Enjoyagers understand the uniqueness and needs of LGBTQI+ travelers and offer services dedicated to them. I grew up in the tourism industry and I strive to innovate this sector with our new platform. Greece is about the food, the culture, the history, the islands, the sun and the people and we know where to find the finest the country has to offer. We aim to create a community for those who want to go on a trip beyond their wildest dreams.

  • Dimitris Zambouras


    Working in the tourism industry showed me that spending time with LGBTQI+ travelers is a delight because they are open minded and free spirited. Since we share the same values, nothing seemed more of a perfect fit than establishing an innovating service addressed to them. Enthusiasm, humor and good taste are our team’s core values, ensuring you will get to know what Greek hospitality really means. It’s about time to treat yo self.

  • Julie Kallergi


    Enjoyagers stand for the ideas of inclusiveness and diversity and this is the reason why we love working with LGBTQI+ people. Our team aims to show people all around the globe that Greece is a unique place that combines history, iconic landscapes, dreamy beaches, sea, sun and urban life. “Do it like a local” is our motto and if you join our squad, you will give all your friends FOMO about missing out and goals for their vacay.

  • George Petrou

    USA partner

    My story started in Paris in my student years where I took my first steps in the tourism industry. Fast forward to the present I joined the Enjoyagers team to start as a collective an innovative service. Our motivation, professionalism, young spirit and personalities will be greatly appreciated by travelers who seek history, cathartic light and travelling off the beaten path. If you want a tour of Greece from the insiders, come on board.


Contrary to the packages most agencies offer, Enjoyagers specialize in building custom made travel packages specifically designed for diverse people. We always bear in mind that every traveler is different and has a unique taste. Our made to measure approach to creating travel packages distinguishes us from the competition and ensures that all different needs are met, no matter how unique, luxurious or adventurous. Enjoyagers are here to make your vacay a fun yet meaningful experience that is tailor made specifically for you.


Enjoyagers are the first travel agency to offer travelers an experience only locals enjoy and to cater specifically for LGBTQI+ people and their unique needs. Our tours and packages balance the beauty of classical Greece, the country’s history and heritage, with everything modern life in the capital, the countryside and the islands has to offer. Hospitality, culture, nightlife, outdoor activities and other unique experiences, related to the endless blue of the sea and the vast mountains making up Greece’s fabulous scenery, are offered all year long to people who want to visit Greece beyond the cliches. Become a real life ambassador of Greece with Enjoyagers. Come join us on the most joyful traveling experience of your life.

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